Here's what else I've been reading over the past week. There is so much very good stuff out there. 

- Sex work at the Super Bowl: the myth and its makers (commentisfree).criticises the general focus on tackling increased trafficking and sex work during major games (e.g. Olympics, World Cup, Superbowl) with little attention paid to the welfare of sex workers themselves. I'm not so sure the two are so easily separated but, nonetheless, she argues that some sex workers are themselves ahead of the curve in ensuring their own safety and security. (I think that's what she's saying; it's not so clear.)

- Here's a much more illuminating account of what goes on at the Super Bowl. Importantly, it's a first-hand account from a sex-trafficking victim (nola.com). Former sex trafficking victim shines light on dark underworld of Super Bowl: For Greenlee's pimps, the influx of people provided a massive money-making opportunity. "When they come to these kinds of events, the first thing you're told is how many you're gonna perform a day," she said Friday. "You've got to go through 25 men a day, or you're going through 50 of them. When they give you that number, you better make that number." Dear God.

- I can't really tell what's going on here. The Feminist case for Fashion Week (commentisfree) starts off discussing the impossible challenges of dressing "appropriately" that are faced by women (that top's too low, slut; that top's too high, prude etc.) but descends into some sort of discussion about the importance of celebrating the art in London Fashion Week. Read the critique, ignore the rest.

- I’m a guy. My wife works. We’ve got no kids. I’m a stay-at-home dude (slate). We don't hear enough about these guys and we really need to. This is one man's personal account of why and how he and his wife took the decision to switch normative positions and for him to stay at home while she goes to work. I'm all about the subverting of normative positions, as you probably know, so I'm into this guy.

- Sex education [in British schools] is in crisis (commentisfree). Who'd have thunk it? Yes, me too. Sexual exploitation isn't going anywhere, teenagers are always going to be having sex, and rape culture (and all its attendant demands on women and girls to be sexually available) is increasing. Some would say we need sex education more now than we ever have. But not Michael Gove, by the looks of things.

- Harrods criticised for sexist children’s reading books (liberalconspiracy). Have you seen this? Girls are supposed to be pretty and boys are supposed to be clever. God bless the patriarchy.
How Etsy Grew their Number of Female Engineers by Almost 500% in One Year (firstround). Call it positive discrimination if you like; it doesn't matter. There's a huge disparity in the genders in all STEM fields so I'm happy to see it the number of women in the industry increased in whatever way they can be.

- If you think contraception is safe in the US (or the UK, which takes a lot of its lead from the US), think again. Apparently we're all carrying around hundreds of dead babies in our wombs. And, for that, you can blame contraception. I know. We laugh but it's all aimed at chipping away at our reproductive rights. (Radio Host Claims Your Womb is Full of Tiny Dead Baby Corpses - rhrealitycheck)

- Fathers' Sexism May Curb Daughters' Work Ambitions, Research Suggests (huffingtonpost). That just makes sense, right?

- Here's a really worthwhile artwork project: Reclaiming the body after trauma (belle-jar).

- Finally, there's a new app which allows women to rate men based on their career prospects and penis size. Yes, it's gross and horrible but it's also ironic that the men of reddit are up in arms about it when there are several such apps and sites available for men to do exactly the same to women and they're just larks. (New App to ‘Doxx’ Men With Penis Size, Income Raises Rancor on Reddit - nymag)