Mad as hell and not ready to make nice

Gillard’s three years and three days are now being totally airbrushed from history.”

Get over it, girl, I am being told. Move on. Accept the new reality. What’s done is done and, besides, you can’t argue with the polls. Whatever you might think of Kevin Rudd or how it was done, people are saying, (they tend to be Labor people), it needed to be done: he has brought Labor back to a competitive position. Heck, we could even win. So shut up with the gender stuff and the so-called bullying of the former prime minister. We all know she was a dud.

In the 17 days since she was deposed Julia Gillard has been thoroughly trashed. She was “incompetent”, wrote Graham Richardson, relying mainly on errors in the 2010 election campaign rather than her record of government for this assessment. “She lacked authenticity and never gained the trust of voters”, asserted Troy Bramston, overlooking the years of sabotage, stalking and sledging by the man who now wants voters to trust him. Laura Tingle even referred this week to “the Gillard experiment”, implying the ALP won’t be going there again. Meaning what? No more women? Or lawyers? Or single, childless, atheist Welsh redheads?

Rest: smh.