#picturethis: Eight years of American strip clubs (NSFW) 


  All photographs © Juliana Beasley/Contact Press Images, 1992–2001. Ms. Beasley’s book on New York’s Rockaways is forthcoming. “I realized that there are many motives behind why women, myself included, choose to strip,” she says. “And there are reasons why men become customers. I decided to focus on the exchange of love and affection for money — love for sale.” From @Timeline_Now […]

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#picturethis: #anonymouswasawoman: The first female war photographer killed in action was 26 and had a brilliant career ahead of…


#picturethis: #anonymouswasawoman: The first female war photographer killed in action was 26 and had a brilliant career ahead of her – @timelinenow: Because of her size, stealth, and quickness, and her strawberry blond mane, Gerda Taro was often called “the little red fox.” The intrepid photojournalist was one of the first women ever to capture a war on film, and is thought […]

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#picturethis: Overcoming anger through street art


#picturethis: Overcoming anger through street art: a sexual assault survivor’s story – @estblshmnt An artist known as ‘Miss Me’ has used artful vandalism to reclaim female power — and in the process, her own life. Before it happened, Miss Me had been living a “normal life,” she says. Everything fit: her job, her friends, her understanding of the world and herself.But then […]

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#picturethis: America’s boring, beautiful architecture


#picturethis: America’s boring, beautiful architecture On @timeline_now (twi.); source: But they are fascinating nevertheless. The Historic American Buildings Survey(HAPS) and Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) archives began in the 1930s and 1960s, respectively, as “a comprehensive and continuous national survey.” Photographers are given strict guidelines dictating what cameras and film to use, which angles to take and how to correct […]

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todayin: history: February 27th 1933: Reichstag fire


todayinhistory: February 27th 1933: Reichstag fire Onthis day in 1933, the Reichstag building in Berlin, whichhoused the German Parliament, was set on fire. The Nazi government ofAdolf Hitler then ordered a thorough hunt to track down the arsonist.The policeidentified the perpetrator as Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch communist;he and four other Communist leaders were arrested for their supposedrole in […]

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#picturethis: turning girls into princesses – @broadly


#picturethis: turning girls into princesses – @broadly For many girls who grow up immersed in American culture, becoming a princess is a deeply desired transformation. In the most traditional sense, being showered with riches and attention in exchange for acquiescence doesn’t sound so bad. However, the sweetness and docility associated with being a Disney princess are virtues that too often […]

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#picturethis: “skinheads” – @riandundon


#picturethis: “skinheads” – @riandundon Visceral. ••• If you hear “skinhead” as a synonym for neo-Nazi, think again.This British-born subculture has a long and varied history dating back to the 1960s when working class mods split from their more bourgeois counterparts. Distinguished by practical clothing—work boots, suspenders—and the close-cropped haircuts of industrial laborers, skinheads became a subculture unto their own, overlapping […]

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#picturethis: “oppression” – @riandundon


#picturethis: “oppression” – @riandundon These Algerian women were forced to remove their veils to be photographed in 1960If looks could kill, then a camera aimed at an unwilling subject is an instrument of torture.Marc Garanger knew this in Algeria, in 1960 when he was tasked by his commanding French army officer with snapping ID photos of their female prisoners. France […]

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#picturethis: Women in Poland march. And win.


#picturethis: Women in Poland march. And win. Thousands of women went on strike in Poland on Monday to protest the Polish government’s attempt at new legislation that would guarantee a five-year prison sentence for women who have abortions, as well as for the doctors who provide them.In March, an independent anti-choice group Ordo Iuris proposed the draconian legislation that’s now […]

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#picturethis: Women with children are neither “single” nor “unwed” in Iceland


#picturethis: Women with children are neither “single” nor “unwed” in Iceland, the most feminist country in the world (@theatlantic) Annie Ling spent two months photographing these mothers in the Nordic country, documenting their daily lives and struggles. “A lack of social stigma and a relaxed attitude towards marriage and sexual morality makes raising a family as a single parent in […]

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#picturethis: revisiting mary ellen mark’s powerful photos of seattle street kids – @i_D/ @vicemag


#picturethis: revisiting mary ellen mark’s powerful photos of seattle street kids – @i_D/ @vicemag In 1983, Mary Ellen Mark began shooting portraits of homeless youth in Seattle for what began as a photo essay for LIFE magazine and would ultimately become her landmark seriesStreetwise. It was during this period that Mark met a 13-year-old prostitute named Tiny — real name […]

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#picturethis: Photos of female asylum patients by a Victorian psychiatrist


#picturethis: Photos of female asylum patients by a Victorian psychiatrist who used photography to analyze mental disorders:Hugh Welch Diamond was an early British psychiatrist and photographer who made a major contribution to the craft of psychiatric photography. Diamond was fascinated by the possible use of photography in the treatment of mental disorders; some of his many calotypes depicting the expressions […]

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#picturethis: 11 powerful feminist messages, written on the bodies fighting for them (HuffPo) (NSFW)


#picturethis: 11 powerful feminist messages, written on the bodies fighting for them (HuffPo) (NSFW). Liora began the project, titled “Feminism,” in 2012, after she moved to a Republican state for the first time and heard more about proposed reproductive rights legislation that was detrimental to women. “I was signing petitions and sharing articles, but it wasn’t really alleviating the anger […]

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#picturethis: Remembering the Kurdish uprising of 1991 on BBC news


#picturethis: Remembering the Kurdish uprising of 1991 on BBC news: After more than a month of intensive air attacks and a short land offensive by the US-led coalition against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the Gulf War of 1991 drew to a close. The goal to liberate Kuwait following Iraq’s invasion in August the previous year had been met, yet Saddam remained […]

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