#guestpost: #research: why *are* feminists so unattractive?

This is a #guestpost by Elin Weiss. Elin has a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies. Her interests include feminism, gender stereotypes, the sexualization of women and the portrayal of women and men in media. More of her work can be found at the fwsablog, thefword, and metapshychology. *** Why feminists are so unattractive The critical, and more often than not, demeaning […]

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#guestpost: the 2.2%: meet the women who drive London’s cabs

This is a man’s world. And if you have any reservations about that statement, we’re about to hit you with some pretty depressing statistics. Buckle up… 36% of secondary school headteachers are women, despite the fact that 62% of the secondary school workforce is female A meagre 29% of the UK’s MPs are women Women hold just 11% of roles […]

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