#research: Judith Butler (b. 1956) is a philosopher and theorist

celebratingamazingwomen: JudithButler (b. 1956) is a philosopher and theorist whohas had a great shaping influence on political philosophy, as well as feminist andqueer theory. She is a Professor of Literature at the University of California,Berkeley, and the Hannah Arendt Chair at the European Graduate School. Some of her most famous and significant works are Gender Trouble and Imitation and Gender […]

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#womenslives: Self-help, beauty privilege, and the truth about confidence – @lipmag

Confidence is widely considered an excellent quality. It’s associated with communication skills, social suavity, and success. Studies even show that people possessing strong self-confidence earn more money than their less confident counterparts. Is it any surprise, therefore, that capitalist Western culture in particular places such emphasis on self-esteem? Self-help culture has grown from the notion that everyone should strive to […]

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#anonymouswasawoman: #HERstory: Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950) was a poet and playwright


celebratingamazingwomen: Edna St.Vincent Millay (1892-1950) was apoet and playwright, winner of the 1923 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. She was alsoawarded the Robert Frost Medal in 1943, for her lifetime contributions toAmerican poetry. Her poetry often explored issues of femininity andsexuality, such as the love between women in The Lamp and the Bell. She was named as one of the 31 […]

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#anonymouswasawoman: #HERstory: Who writes our history? @bitchmedia

Who writes our history? @bitchmedia History isn’t static—it’s the stories we tell ourselves about the past. And that story changes depending on who’s doing the telling. On this episode, we explore what it means to tell your own history in three different ways. Iranian-American comedian Negin Farsad talks with us being a super patriotic teen and her new book, How […]

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#guestpost: #research: What does the feminisation of psychology look like?

In two previous posts published online at the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association Blog (FWSA) (one, two) I discussed women’s status in psychology. First I looked at the underrepresentation of women as authors in seven academic psychology journals: The Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Review of General Psychology, Teaching of Psychology, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal […]

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#research: Possibly the most exhaustive study of “manspreading” ever conducted – @socimages


Possibly the most exhaustive study of “manspreading” ever conducted – @socimages I recently discovered what has got to be one of the most exhaustive treatments of the practice ever produced. It’s not the work of a sociologist; it’s the work of a German feminist photographer, Marianne Wex. In Wex’s treatment of the topic, Let’s Take Back Our Space: Female and […]

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#research: Residential colleges are “total institutions” and hookup culture is totally institutionalized

socimages: Residential colleges are “total institutions” and hookup culture is totally institutionalized. By Lisa Wade, PhD; originally posted at Everyday Sociology. When new students move into their residence halls to start their first year of college, they become a part of an institution. In many ways, it is a “total institution” in the tradition of the sociologist Erving Goffman: an […]

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