#todayin: austerity: welfare shakeup ‘will push a quarter of a million children into poverty’


Payments to bereaved families cut from 20 years to 18 months.Two charities say cuts will leave 75% of bereaved families worse off.  ••• “A government shakeup of welfare payments being introduced on Thursday will push a quarter of a million children into poverty while wiping thousands of pounds off payments for bereaved families, according to research. Analysis for the Guardian reveals […]

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#womenslives: The worst ‘alternative facts’ about abortion – @rewire_news


Abortion Is Dangerous for Women’s Health The Reality: Evidence suggests a much different world-view from the fake narrative that abortion is medically harmful. Data show that the overall complication rate of abortion is lower than the complication rate for wisdom tooth removals and tonsillectomies, according to Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health, a research center at the University of California, […]

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#womenslives: female academics and the ‘flexibility myth’ @ rolereboot


There’s a flexibility myth in academia. It goes like this: Academic mothers have it much better than other professional mothers because of their flexible schedule—a luxury women in business, journalism, law, and medicine don’t enjoy—which allows them to set their own hours, and chart their individual paths to success. It’s tempting to buy into this myth, a kind of variation […]

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#womenslives: republican politician says women should be forced to carry dead fetuses to term – @broadly


Earlier this week, during a committee hearing for an abortion ban that is being proposed in Ohio, a Republican state representative, Shannon Lundgren, mounted a troubling defense of her hardline stance that a woman should not be able to terminate her pregnancy after 20 weeks. The anti-abortion politician suggested that women who miscarry after 20 weeks of pregnancy should carry […]

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#saturdaysatire: local father does the weekly family shop for first time since 1997 – @WhispersNewsLTD

A TRIUMPHANT Waterford father of three and occasional husband of one was quick to dismiss rumours of international awards and praise after successfully carrying out the weekly family shop yesterday evening. Gary Boyd, took to his local supermarket for the first time since 1997 armed with an extensive list of items that when purchased and returned to the family home […]

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#womenslives: Mexico City’s metro’s ‘penis seat’

When a new style of seat suddenly appeared on Mexico City’s metro system, it was labelled as inappropriate, uncomfortable, humiliating and embarrassing. It was supposed to be. The seat, moulded to include a protruding penis and chest, was designed to highlight sexual harassment experienced by female passengers. The explanation next to the men-only label read: “It is uncomfortable to sit […]

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#guestpost: different nudes

We all have different nudes A few years ago my sister and I wrote a piece titled What colour is nude? for the British feminist website The F Word, The piece discussed the use of the word nude in order to describe a beige colour that is quite common in clothing articles, shoes and nail polish. By naming a colour nude […]

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#picturethis: Overcoming anger through street art


#picturethis: Overcoming anger through street art: a sexual assault survivor’s story – @estblshmnt An artist known as ‘Miss Me’ has used artful vandalism to reclaim female power — and in the process, her own life. Before it happened, Miss Me had been living a “normal life,” she says. Everything fit: her job, her friends, her understanding of the world and herself.But then […]

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event: The Sociological Review Annual Public Lecture 2017: Cities and the Political Imagination

The Sociological Review Annual Lecture 2017 Friday 28th April, 2017 Time: 5:45pm – 8:00pm, followed by wine reception Location: Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL Cities and the Political Imagination Keynote Speaker: Professor Rivke Jaffe Responses by Professor Claire Alexander Dr. Emma Jackson How can we recognize the political in the city? How might social scientists engage with forms […]

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#research: Veiled lives? Muslim women, headscarves, and manufacturing Islam – @girlwpen


“Much of the sociological research on veiling in the United States, amongst converts and born-Muslims alike, imagines veiling largely as an individual choice. My own data suggested a more complicated process. From the women I interviewed and in my observations at the mosque I found that women in the process of converting were constantly being taught – through religious classes […]

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#vivelafeminism: Feminism around the world: economist analyzes global gender gap in the workplace despite feminist gains – @themarysue

Less heartening is what happens to those women once they leave school. That’s where the seeds of inequality they’ve experienced all their lives really begin to grow fruit. The labor force worldwide is only 40% female, and that’s only a 1% improvement since 1990. Depending on what industries you’re looking at, the disparity is even more grim. According to Kenny, […]

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#vivelafeminism: Turkish women rising

Turkish women rising The tweet translates: The Assembly is reflected in the will of the people against the will of the people, you cannot present the Bill!! From @ms-magazine-blog (x): Led by a doctor, the We Will Stop Women’s Murders platform has grown since 2009 into a sprawling network of women nationwide, who often respond within hours to reports of […]

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#vivelafeminism: Why disregarding motherhood and women’s bodies won’t help feminism

feminism (sociology) - motherhood

On Mother’s Day, a piece by @glosswitch on feminist and motherhood: @newstatesman: The question “what is a woman?” – that annoying, wheedling, pseudo-intellectual musing, of which there’s no equivalent asked of men – takes on a particular meanness when considered in relation to maternity. If feminism is to be, not the liberation of women, but the rejection of gender roles […]

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#anonymouswasawoman: #HERstory: Florence Ellinwood Allen (1884-1966) was the first woman


celebratingamazingwomen: Florence Ellinwood Allen (1884-1966)was the first woman to serve on a state supreme court, and one of the two firstto serve as a US federal judge. She studied Political Science at a time whenwomen were still barred from pursuing a degree in law, but managed to graduatelater, in 1913, from New York University. She concentratedher expertise and efforts on […]

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#vivelafeminism: The obvious challenge is how to channel this explosion of popular feminist energy


The obvious challenge is how to channel this explosion of popular feminist energy in order to defeat the burgeoning forces of populism decisively. The worry is that feminist protest will be self-limiting, drawing its life force from women’s deep, almost instinctive familiarity with outsiderness: the same “exteriority” to power (stemming from both outer hostility and inner reluctance) that Beard sees […]

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#picturethis: America’s boring, beautiful architecture


#picturethis: America’s boring, beautiful architecture On @timeline_now (twi.); source: But they are fascinating nevertheless. The Historic American Buildings Survey(HAPS) and Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) archives began in the 1930s and 1960s, respectively, as “a comprehensive and continuous national survey.” Photographers are given strict guidelines dictating what cameras and film to use, which angles to take and how to correct […]

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