The guy stared at me with a grin on his face. He looked amused, a look that puzzled me since we were talking about my career and nothing funny had been said. “Well….You must admit that all of this publicity would not have been given to you if you were a guy. Right?”

I starred blank at him as this friendly “how’s life” conversation at my friends wedding had me completely thrown off. In a very subtle and almost unnoticeable manner he completely diminished my accomplishments. I’ve had this happen to me a few too many times; confronted by people who say that, whatever success I had, they are a result of advantages I’ve had because I’m a woman.

It’s the perfect way to have someone feel insecure and to have them continue questioning themselves. It’s what makes a difference between men who can thrive in their successes and grow their confidence while many women end up brushing them off due to comments like these. “Yeah, the need of a female face on that magazine is probably more valuable than my actual knowledge and accomplishments”…