When one believes “the actual work of feminism is getting neglected,” a productive response would be to get to work… Or at least to reach out to some of those who are doing that work. But Crispin does neither. Nor does she offer any historical or political context for the problems she believes exist in feminism. Crispin seems to have limited her “investigation” of feminism’s flaws to mainstream media representations and a very tiny circle of people much like herself: white, middle class women working in the New York publishing industry. Ironically, while this limited vision made for a very limited “manifesto,” as she calls it, it’s also what enabled Crispin to receive incredibly wide coverage in the mainstream media. It seems she herself benefited and took full advantage of the very privileges she complains dominate feminism today, in order to sell a baseless attack on the movement.

Why Jessa Crispin really isn’t a feminist @feministcurrent

(Full disclosure: have yet to read this myself but this review sounds plausible from the reviews of her book and interviews with her that I have read.)