(Reader, this is your daily dose of #poormenz and if this is not the most ill-informed misreading of, and reaction to, patriarchal socio-cultural structures, then I don’t know what is. Wait, I was being too generous. I knew it. No, this - THIS - is just misogyny. I had a feeling. Read on, enjoy, and by all means, roll your eyes.)


MGTOW (pronounced “MIG-tau,” at least per everyone I spoke with) is a worldwide social phenomenon and online community of heterosexual men who have chosen a lifestyle that avoids legal and romantic entanglements with women at all costs. A Man Going His Own Way values self-ownership above all else, believing that he — and only he — has the right to decide what his goals in life should be. He refuses to surrender his will to the social expectations of women and society since he believes both have become hostile toward him.

Some MGTOW make a pledge of celibacy. (“Cut off the dick supply and raise awareness against the millions of chicks that use men and disrespect our natural role.”) Some engage in sex with prostitutes exclusively. (“The only honest women.”) Others sleep with tons of women; they’ll just never marry them. (“Even if a man has only three lovers in his entire life, he is getting more than his own grandfather — who had to marry her first.”)

The media has tended to cover MGTOW by mocking them. For example,VICE’s profile last year, entitled “This Group of Straight Men Is Swearing Off Women,” featured a photo of a fat guy in a homemade MGTOW superhero costume, protesting outside a feminist conference, carrying a placard reading “FEMINISM IS A REFUGE FOR WOMAN’S SEXUAL FAILURE.”

(Do, DO read the rest. You might as well.)

#todayin: srsly! the [poor] men who want nothing to do with women - @cbriansmith