NORRISTOWN, PA—Saying he wasn’t sure whether writing to them was even worth the effort at this point, local man Luke Browning expressed concern to reporters Tuesday that the offensive messages he’s been sending women through OkCupid are getting lost among all the harassment from other male users.

“I can only imagine how many obscene comments and explicit threats the average woman must receive from guys on here each day—how can they even begin to tell any of us apart?” said Browning, admitting that his requests for nude photos and the uninvited pictures of his genitals that he sends are likely no different from the dozens of other vulgar sexual solicitations filling female users’ inboxes.

“I’m beginning to think that every time I say to a woman ‘What’s your fucking problem?’ or ‘Suit yourself, bitch’ after she doesn’t respond right away, my notes are just blending in with all the messages from other guys telling her she’s a dumb slut and should kill herself. But it seems like there’s only so many different ways you can let a complete stranger know she’s not really that cute and is lucky to even be talking to you.”

Browning added that, in an effort to stand out from his peers, he’s considering putting in the extra effort of badgering his matches on Facebook after they’ve blocked him on the app.

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