Fighters from the Kurdistan Front move to frontline positions

#picturethis: Remembering the Kurdish uprising of 1991 on BBC news:

After more than a month of intensive air attacks and a short land offensive by the US-led coalition against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the Gulf War of 1991 drew to a close. The goal to liberate Kuwait following Iraq’s invasion in August the previous year had been met, yet Saddam remained in power and turned his wrath on the Kurd and Shia communities.Photographer Richard Wayman had worked with many of the Kurdish groups active in Iraq and Turkey during the 1980s and decided he needed to be there. Here, he recounts his time covering the uprising of 1991.Two days after the liberation of Kuwait, the then US President, George Bush made a statement to the Iraqi population, “In my own view… the Iraqi people should put Saddam aside, and that would facilitate the resolution of all these problems that exist and certainly would facilitate the acceptance of Iraq back into the family of peace-loving nations.”Thus emboldened, in early March, the Shia in southern Iraq, and the Kurds in the north, made almost simultaneous uprisings against the regime.Rest: BBC.