MRAs scare me, not only for the sake of my friends who are women or non-binary, but for my own sake. The men’s rights and alt-right movements are built around the worship of strength. There are alphas and betas, winners and losers.

I learned long ago to fear guys like that. I learned that on playgrounds before there was an internet; before the the redpillers existed; before one of my favorite kinds of hats had become tainted by pretension and misogyny. Before I was out of sixth grade, it was obvious that I couldn’t compete in those environments. The boys or men in those groups not only love strength, but they hate weakness. That’s the key to why, for all their bluster about men being abused or assaulted by women, there have been few MRA efforts to support or provide resources for male survivors. What greater demonstration of weakness could there be than a man who “allowed” himself to be dominated or hurt by a woman?