‘Cos fighting for women’s rights, equality and safety is unacceptable, you see. And extreme.

You read it here first. Though probably not.

(As a matter of interest: are they people who think that feminism is too extreme – what with it being about women’s rights and all – Trump supporters too? Because I’m willing to bet there’s a correlation there. And if so, is that that there irony?)

On Briebart (sorry).

A YouGov survey finds most Americans are rejecting the label of “feminism” and say feminists are “too extreme.”According to the poll of 1,000 respondents in web-based interviews, 53% of Americans – both men and women – reject the feminist label, while 26% say they are feminists. Among only women, 32% say they are feminists, while 45% reject the label. Of the men surveyed, 19% said they are feminists, while 61% say they are not.

The survey results come as Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton and the abortion industry – one of her major supporters – have continued to press the feminist narrative from the 1960s that women are the victims of men and that government is the protector and salvation of women. Clinton, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL – a political advocacy group for the abortion industry – have labeled those who wish to restrict abortion as “extremists,” while the results of the current YouGov survey would suggest most Americans view Clinton’s and her supporters views as “extreme.”

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