A MAN who fiercely opposes the all-female Ghostbusters reboot is unconcerned about a female prime minister. 

Nathan Muir of Oxford, who has posted more than 450,000 online comments opposing the new Ghostbusters film, described the all-female candidate list to lead the country as “no biggie”.

He continued: “Whoever’s most qualified for the job should win, I suppose. They both seem fine.

“But I cannot believe people are actually planning to see the film with the most downvoted YouTube trailer of all time. Does the public’s voice mean nothing at all?

“Buying that ticket will have economic and social consequences that do not bear thinking about, and I don’t just mean a sequel.

“There’ll be an all-female Top Gun by the end of the decade. That’s what we face.”

Muir added: “Millions of childhood could be ruined forever if we make the wrong decision. There is no excuse for complacency.

“This Andrea woman if I had to pick one, I guess. Sure she’ll do a great job.”

© and source: thedailymash.