I was an angry activist, feminist, environmentalist, and I guess, person. I managed a women’s center, and one morning I had a predictably frustrating meeting with the male leader of a local crisis pregnancy clinic.

Stewing on the walk back to my office, I found myself in the middle of an anti-abortion demonstration, the kind where solemn people hold big signs featuring bloodied fetuses. I completely lost my shit.

All I remember is going up to one of the protestors, grabbing her sign and smashing it under my foot, and screaming, “GIVE ME YOUR UTERUS, YOU DON’T DESERVE IT!"

A counter-protest group who had peacefully assembled watched the whole thing, shocked (and sort of impressed, I was later told), and after yelling, “Motherfuckers!!!!” repeatedly, my blurred vision and I walked on.

This incident was the most extreme, but I’ve had countless less intense but still rage-filled, or generally unpleasant, interactions over world issues. Hanging out at a bar with friends, meeting new people at a beach BBQ, going out for lunch with my aunt- all of these opportunities for awesomeness and enjoyment could quickly turn into something ugly.

I remember a bonfire where an acquaintance burned a bunch of plastic, resulting in a heated discussion, then screaming match about climate change.

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I Completely Stopped Fighting About Social Issues