1. “I made a criminal complaint against the police officials who raped and beat me, and I am afraid they will kill me…They kill trans women often. I had many friends who were murdered.” Anonymous transgender woman, El Salvador

Trans women are even more likely to be threatened, assaulted, and killed in their home countries, as well as on their journey to the United States, by everyone from narcos to law enforcement.

2. “I was raped and assaulted many times by the police – at least an average of two times per week or more.” – Anonymous

Mistrust in law enforcement is a major obstacle in finding protection in their home countries, and a major reason that women choose to flee.

3. “In Tijuana, the police raped and beat me. [Then] the police told me if they saw me again in the city they would kill me…They were afraid that I would say something.” – Laura, Mexico

4. “I had to quit every job I ever had because of the risks encountered. I found work after my friend was murdered at a restaurant, but they fired me after three people came to look for me and kill me. The owner said it was too dangerous for him, his workers and the clients to have me there as a result. He was correct, but it didn’t help me.” – Anonymous transgender woman, Honduras

With constant threats of abuse and murder, it’s impossible for many women, especially trans women, to have any reliable source of income, and therefore independence.

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