Way back in deepest darkest 2010 when austerity was a mere twinkle in George Osborne’s eye, something was already abundantly clear: women, including those working in the public sector, would be disproportionately and devastatingly affected.

Whether they are low-paid single parents, carers, public sector employees or all of the above, women were, and continue to be, throttled by a combination of cuts, pay freezes and multiple welfare and tax credit shakeups.

The pressures unleashed by austerity on women are manifold - and not let’s forget that when women are in work in the public sector or elsewhere, many struggle to cover the costs of childcare or have been left adrift by cuts to vital support such as Sure Start services. Single mothers, who account for nine out of 10 of all lone parents, are hit especially hard according to the charity Gingerbread.

In one of the earliest warning flares about austerity, organisations such as the Women’s Resource Group and the Fawcett Society cautioned that not only would women bear the heaviest brunt of cuts to public services because they tend to use them more than men, but they also stood to lose most when it came to public sector jobs and pay.

And so it has transpired.

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Women and childcare first: where Osborne's axe has fallen