As deputy editor of the New Statesman, I’ve just discovered, pointing out that many powerful women are childless provokes a deeply emotive debate

It is not every day you get told off by Nicola Sturgeon. But that is what happened last week, when the SNP leader took issue with the front cover of the latest issue of the New Statesman, which showed four female politicians standing around a crib with a ballot box inside. None of the women pictured has children, something that might have helped them achieve high office.

Sturgeon called the cover “crass”, although she conceded that the article inside on motherhood and politics, which I wrote, was interesting and worthwhile. Now, I have enormous respect for the Scottish first minister, and she has felt the sharp end of being a woman in politics, so I’m taking her criticism on board. That said, in all honesty, I believe the article would have been attacked however we had illustrated it.

Source and rest: The perils of even raising the ‘penalty’ of motherhood (newstatesman) (posted via inoreader/ ifttt).

The perils of even raising the ‘penalty’ of motherhood