A Powerful New Comic Book Takes Aim at Abortion Stigma (bitchmag)

Even where it’s legal and accessible, abortion can often be adifficult process. The procedure can be emotionally complicated and thestigma that hangs around abortion can make it feel fraught. In apowerful new illustrated book, Not Funny Ha-Ha, writer and artist Leah Hayessheds light on what it’s like to get an abortion. As the title makesclear, this comic is not funny. But it is insightful, empathetic, andeducational. Not Funny Ha-Hafollows the stories of two women who are getting abortions—one medicaland one surgical—and weaves their personal thoughts around hand-drawntext explaining straight-forward information and science about howabortion works. This is likely not a light beach-read comic you’d pickup for fun, but a serious work that aims to ease anxiety and bringclarity to a procedure that one in three women will undergo during her life.As a clearly educational resource, this book would be a welcomeaddition to Planned Parenthood waiting rooms and high school sex-edclasses. I also think it could help readers of all stripes learn aboutabortion through a non-judgmental lens: As numerous studies have shown, hearing stories about people who have gotten abortions helps reduce stigma against the procedure. Not Funny Ha-Ha comes out in August, but Fantagraphics gaveus permission to run a sneak-peek excerpt from the book. If you likethis excerpt, you can pre-order the book here.© and source/ rest: bitchmag.