Today in fighting back: Meet the Ugly Girls Club: The new face of student feminism

While running a stall for sexual consent at a student union club night, members of Royal Holloway’s feminist society overheard a nickname used to describe them: “The Ugly Girls Club”.

Because this type of name-calling epitomizes the problem of female body image and social ideals based on appearance, group took it in their stride and in doing so, harnessed a perfect opportunity to turn society’s perverted standards on its head.

The group started sending each other photos of themselves pulling faces, captioning them #uglygirlsclub. It escalated from there. Natasha Barrett, president of the society and a second-year English Literature student, said: “It started very small, as a joke between society members that was a bit tongue-in cheek.”

With hundreds of selfies posted on Twitter in under two weeks and 4,000 Facebook fans, the campaign is blossoming into more than they could ever have imagined.

Rest: The Independent.


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