This will be nothing at all to do with the lift on Assange’s police protection. This is all just a feminist vendetta. Just putting that on the table now. Nothing at all to do with the removal of police protection. At all. And nothing either to do with him being afraid that he might one day have to face a jury of his peers after all.

On the Dailybeast:

The crusading privacy organization’s Twitter account has turned its attention on a new oppressor of free speech—‘feminism.’ Why it all comes down to Assange’s rape allegations.

Two days after British police gave up their full-time post outside WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s sanctuary in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, WikiLeaks has turned its focus to a new kind of oppression: the state-controlled scourge of modern feminism.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the official WikiLeaks account questioned whether “feminism” (always in scare quotes) was “a reactionary vehicle to push state interests such as censorship and imprisonment.” Links to accompanying blog posts implied that the 2010 sexual assault accusations against Assange might have been falsified by government officials as justification for his arrest, a common theory among his supporters.

“Has modern ‘feminism’ become a reactionary vehicle for state censorship, repression and war?” Wikileaks tweeted on Wednesday. The tweet links to a 2010 post by blogger Daisy’s Dead Air questioning whether the charges against Assange—two allegations of molestation, one of unlawful coercion, and one of rape—were genuine, or if they had been manufactured by the United States government.

“I am so deeply cynical and skeptical of our government, that I initially did not even believe these alleged rape-victims of Julian Assange truly existed,” the blogger writes in a post headlined “On feminist collaboration with the state.”

“I am still profoundly skeptical, until I see an interview with Barbara Walters or equivalent.”

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today in feminists ruining everything: Wikileaks and "the state-controlled scourge of modern feminism"