THE decision by Playboy Magazine to no longer feature photographs of naked women has struck a critical blow to the habits of hundreds of thousands of people, who now have to scurry to find some other magazine or internet website which features women in various states of undress.

Since its launch in 1953, Playboy Magazine has been a steady source of photos of naked women, including many celebrities such as its very first cover girl, Marilyn Monroe. Playboy became available in Ireland for the first time in the mid-nineties, offering many Irish people their first ever glimpse of a vagina.

However, Playboy bosses announced today that the magazine will no longer feature “passe” photographs of nude women, sending many readers into despair.

“I’ve been searching online all day to find another magazine that shows nude women, and there’s nothing” said Keith Halliday, nudity connoisseur.

“It’s like a friggin’ nude-women desert out there. For people like myself, the only way to see a nude woman was to buy an expensive once-monthly publication in a newsagents under the disapproving eye of a member of the checkout staff half my age. What am I supposed to do now? Look through my mountains of back-issues? Sure I’ve seen all them nude women already, I need fresh ones”.

Meanwhile, stocks in Playboy have dipped almost 98% since the announcement, with very few investors buying the argument that “people will still buy it to read the articles”.

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