Some Saturday Satire. And it’s glorious. And it’s on the Telegraph, of all places! (It’s not often I say this but read below the line this time for the folks who just do not get it.)

Clearly, Justice for Men and Boys (I hope no one will be so crass as to suggest they find something creepy about the “and Boys”) has a strong case. Let us consider the facts. Did you know that as many as 1.9 per cent of British prime ministers have been female? And zero per cent of BBC directors-general, governors of the Bank of England, Mayors of London and Archbishops of Canterbury?

Think of all the talented men (and boys!) who could have done those jobs every bit as well as a woman – yet were cruelly denied the opportunity. Meanwhile, 22.8 per cent of MPs, 22.7 per cent of Cabinet ministers and 20.7 per cent of FTSE 100 board members are women. Plain and simple: it’s a female monopoly.

Then take the monarchy. Amazingly, since as far back as 1952, not a single man (or boy) has risen to the post of British monarch. Talk about a glass ceiling. Naive commentators delude themselves that the Prince of Wales is being groomed for the role. In reality, though, the feminist establishment will surely see to it that the throne goes to Sarah, Duchess of York, or Cambridge Professor of Classics Mary Beard.

Among other jobs from which men routinely find themselves excluded are wet nurse, nun, and captain of the England women’s football team. Yet where are the calls for men-only shortlists to promote equality in the fields of cleaning, nannying and Page 3 modelling? The hypocrisy of the PC brigade is little short of breathtaking.

And how can we call it a fair society when so many child custody battles end in victory for the mother? No doubt feminists will argue that the discrepancy is caused by the millennia-old patriarchal assumption that childcare is a woman’s job. But the feminists, of course, would be wrong. They just would – and that’s all there is to it.

Thank goodness, then, that we men have Mr Buchanan to fight our corner. Already, though, some whisper that he is not the committed meninist he purports to be. Of his two ex-wives, they note, 100 per cent have been women. Couldn’t a man have filled this coveted role just as well? What PC prejudice led him to snub the claims of men?

Until we see a male Mrs Buchanan, I fear that the leader of this much-needed movement may struggle to be taken seriously.

Rest: Telegraph.


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Saturday Satire: In a woman's world, we men need Mike