You can find aggressive sexual language in the most casual conversations. The F-word and the much-hated C-word are obvious examples, but we seem to be developing more and more vocabulary based on sexual violence as time goes on. The verb ‘rape’ can now be used with a variety of meanings – from ‘Facebook rape’ (Frape) to the slightly more obscure ‘yawn rape’. It’s becoming frequently used as slang for ‘beat’ in some form of competition – this meaning has risen to be the second most popular definition of the word on Urban Dictionary. The adjective ‘rapable’ can even now be used to describe “a person who is attractive enough to make the struggle of raping them worthwhile.”

Nearly half of those polled (48%) knew the term Facebook rape or Frape. 22% had used one or both of the terms themselves and 8% said they hear them regularly. Again this percentage was highest amongst 18-24 year olds, with a staggering 88% saying they were familiar with the term. 59% said that they themselves have used the term and another 14% hear it regularly.

The phrase ‘yawn rape’ was less well known, with only 20% knowing what it meant, while one in ten have used it. Once more though, these figures increased when looking at responses from 18-24 year olds, with 42% knowing the term and 27% admitting to using it.

While 11% of people surveyed had used the word ‘rape’ to mean beat in some form of competition, 16% say they hear the word ‘rape’ used in this context regularly. In this instance it was people in the 25-34 year old age category who were most likely to both use the word in this way (27%) and frequently hear it (36%). Its usage was also more common amongst men (10% vs. 5%).

Overall, 41% admitted they had personally made some kind of joke about sexual assault or offenders, or had flippantly used the word ‘rape’ to mean something less serious. The use of this kind of language varied greatly and correlated with age – 71% of 18-24 year olds said they had made these kinds of jokes or remarks, compared to just 22% of those aged 55+.

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The language of rape culture