We’ve said this before in the past, but it apparently bears repeating — constantly.

Women in the legal profession are treated much differently than their male colleagues, right down to their fashion choices, which continue to be denigrated and belittled. As we noted in June 2014, “[a]t least every other month, women attorneys get lectured by bar associations, Biglaw firms, law schools, and even federal judges on the way that they ought to dress themselves, from head to toe.”

It now seems that even law students have taken up the torch of admonishing women lawyers for their appearance. If you recall, when you were in law school, you received student evaluation forms at the end of each semester to tell the administration exactly what you thought about your law professors. From harsh critiques to faint praise to slavish adulation, this was the time to lay it all out. Unfortunately, students from at least one law school have used this as an opportunity to take tasteless and unseemly pot-shots at their female professors’ sartorial stylings.

From Above the Law.

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, huh? #godblesspatriarchy

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Today in sexism: law students use course evaluations to discuss female professors' clothing