From Vaught’s Practical Character Reader, published in 1902 and revised in 1907, by Emily H. Vaught.

There are some wonderful illustrations here (thesocietypages.org) from a book published by Emily H Vaught in 1902. It is about using physiognomy to assess the character of others. I particularly love the advice for men who wish to “take a wife” and how to tell which women will be “reliable” mothers (for mothering is indeed a woman’s purpose) and those who will be “unreliable”. Traits such as pointed noses, larger ears, smaller eyes, and a protuberance of the head are warning signs. (Incidentally: some of these are the traits that Lombroso linked to criminality in his work. The contempt for physical flaws was ever thus.)

This illustrations in the book were not limited to women. From the link: “The book is full of images in which the features stereotypically associated with Northern and Western Europeans, or the mythical Aryan race, are associated with sincerity, honestly, a work ethic, and every other positive character trait, whereas large and especially hooked noses and small, hooded, or almond-shaped eyes were indications of negative traits.”

Rest: Sociological Images.


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