Boys are doctors; girls are nurses

From Sociological Images:

Our Pointlessly Gendered Products Pinterest board is funny, no doubt. When people make male and female versions of things like eggs, dog shampoo, and pickles, you can’t help but laugh. But, of course, not it’s not just funny. Here are five reasons why.

1. Pointlessly gendered products affirm the gender binary.

2. Pointlessly gendered products reinforce stereotypes.

3. Pointlessly gendered products tell us explicitly that women should be subordinate to or dependent on men (image above).

All too often, gender stereotypes are not just about difference, they’re about inequality. The products below don’t just affirm a gender binary and fill it with nonsense, they tell us in no uncertain terms that women and men are expected to play unequal roles in our society.

4. Pointlessly gendered products cost women money.

5. Pointlessly gendered products are stupid. There are better ways to deliver what people really need.

More examples and explanations on the link: Sociological Images.


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