meninism. LULz.

On bust: Meninism is not defined in the dictionary because meninism is not a valid term or movement. The two men who run the Meninism Tweet Twitter account say meninism is “(parody) obviously sarcasm.” Meninism is not advocating for men’s rights. It is not fighting any of the issues men face. Meninism is simply a mockery of feminism and all that it stands for.

#Meninism” and “#Meninist” have exploded on Twitter. The account and accompanying hashtags have more than 900 thousand followers, some of whom own shirts bearing the #Meninist logo. ” But personally, I don’t find their jokes very funny.

Yeah, not laughing at all.


Even more depressing: its countless supporters.

On bust: Yes, actual women are supporting a movement that focuses on MAKING FUN of women.

There have always been women who reject feminism because they “don’t hate men.” (Just a quick note to those women—feminism≠man-hating. There is a word for that, too, but it’s not feminism. It’s misandry, and feminists don’t support misandry. It goes against the most basic premise of feminism, which is equality for all genders).