The lengths to which sex industry apologists will go to in order to push the idea that buying sex is synonymous with sexual liberation and empowerment never ceases to amaze me. While “progressives” fixate on subversion and deem all “consensual” sex acceptable and even potentially empowering, the underlying systems that maintain sex class dynamics are dismissed as anecdotal.

The fear of being called “anti-sex” seems to outweigh efforts to address those the sex industry is actually catering to and the misogyny, racism, and selfishness of men who benefit from its existence.

But not all johns are like this, they say. Some are just nice, lonely guys who need affection, right? Narratives that pity socially-awkward, disabled, or traditionally unattractive men (who, we’re to believe, need to pay for sex lest they go without human contact for life) push the idea that prostitution is merely providing a neutral but necessary service and satisfying a human need.

But despite claims, this narrative is not just about “sex” — it’s about essentializing sexuality and male entitlement. “Destigmatizing” the purchase of sex won’t erase the truth about johns’ motivations and worldview. This is why, in addition to understanding the material conditions that drive women into prostitution and porn, exploring john culture is imperative if we seek to dismantle the normalization of male entitlement that keeps the sex industry going.

A Vice Canada video report called, “The New Era of Canadian Sex Work,” spoke with a number of women working in a Nevada brothel called Sheri’s Ranch in order to push the “poor, nice john” narrative.


[“I bent her over for some doggie (damn black bitches can shake that ass). I would pound her again, but she’s a fuck pig. You know, really nasty fuck.”]

There are over 285,000 members on web forums like MERB/TERB/PERB (city-specific “Escort Review Boards”), that serve as a platform to promote services and share men’s experiences with prostitutes. While the discussions that take place on these boards are all inarguably misogynistic, notable examples include the following [trigger warning for graphic misogyny, violence, and racism]:

And I cum a big load in her mouth and the session lasted 15 mins. She told me not to cum in her mouth though, but as I paid for half an hour, I didn’t care. I knew what she was doing, she is a bitch anyway.

Lot of fake moaning and noises which was a major turn off. Overall the whole session felt awkward almost not knowing if she was being held there against her will.

I then grab her hair and start forcing her head into me, she starts gagging and choking. This is a huge turn on for me and I start fucking her mouth intensely. I then start slapping her face as she is gagging, she tried to pull her head away for my manhood but I force her down on it again.

I asked her not to start contractions while I was there. I was thinking, “Am I doing this? Am I really banging a pregnant girl? Answer: why not?”

Turned out to be an underage Native girl. She said she just turned 18… then told me she was 13.

I bent her over for some doggie (damn black bitches can shake that ass). I would pound her again, but she’s a fuck pig. You know, really nasty fuck.

I was pissed, so I took my dick and shoved it into her mouth until she gagged.

Source and rest: Feminist Current

(Excerpt etc. first posted on feimineach.com. Orig. attribution above.)

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