@maireadenright and others tweet about a new report from the Justice for Magdalenes advocacy group.

41.3% of those who entered the laundry before 1922 and remained thereafter, died behind laundry walls and never saw the outside world again.

- Justice for Magdalenes advocacy group: report.

Heart-breaking, sickening, and terrifying read. The press release for the report is here (pdf). The report itself is here (pdf).


There are 51 names inscribed on this Magdalene grave. NONE of them are buried here. http://t.co/2R1U0fxNML pic.twitter.com/3YjVGtJW6n>

— Claire McGettrick (@cmcgettrick) February 19, 2015

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#HERstory: Report: Magdalene Laundries, Ireland: "Death, Institutionalisation and Duration of Stay"