“The film is at best pedestrian and uninspiring and at worst a meandering love story with incredibly boring leads.”

Another review of #50shades and its dreadfulness. It includes an interesting aside, however, on the amount of unpicking these books/ this film have receive and asks if that is because it was popular amongst women rather than men. (FWIW, I’m thinking that there may be a little of that - if it’s the preference of women, there’s bound to be something wrong with it - but the widespread commentary and criticism was rather more because it was, genuinely, dreadful and problematic.)

By Emma Robinson on lipmagazine:

Before I get into analysing this film I would like to point out how patronising and aggravating all the think pieces on Fifty Shades are – for both the book and the film. When women en masse enjoy something in pop culture there are countless works of writing analysing why women like this and not that. It further solidifies society’s treatment of women as “the other;” no one furrows their brow when men express widespread enthusiasm for a sport, computer games, or film series, etc. etc. It’s worth pursuing an understanding of why people do the things they do, but the Fifty Shades ‘phenomenon’ is not that worthy of scrutiny. Yes, it’s badly written, but there are some moments that are genuinely hot and that is always going to intrigue people. Deal with it.

Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele, a clumsy virgin (seriously, those are her defining characteristics), who encounters the enigmatic and filthy rich Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), the mysterious bachelor with a penchant for BDSM (if you could call it that). Ana and Christian, for all the hype, proceed to have some very vanilla sex and Christian’s more unappealing personality traits are rationalised with “oh, he had a hard start in life” (boo fucking hoo) and mostly excused because of all the orgasms he gives Ana.

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A feminist take on... lip magazine's review of #50Shades