From time to time, I’ll respond at length to comments left on my pieces here in the column. Mostly, I’ll choose substantive and thoughtful comment to address, but this first time is different. During my inaugural week here at the Guardian, I’ve noticed a bit of a theme in the comments section – there are a great lot of you who don’t like feminists! So to pay homage to the most vocal folks in comments this week, this one’s for you.

Tom M: “Why don’t you just say ‘I don’t like men’ and get it over with?” (in response to ‘Men who use nicknames for women to win fights are creepy, sexist and dumb‘)

Great question, Tom! Thanks for taking the time to call me perhaps the oldest and most tired anti-feminist insult there is: man-hater. You must feel so proud.

I’m going to sort of agree with your comment and expand on it. I think “I don’t like men who …” is a more accurate portrayal of my worldview.

I don’t like men who are sexist. I find that males who think of themselves as above me because of gender are generally unlikeable fellows. (And, for whatever strange reason, are usually terrible spellers, too.) I don’t like men who call women they don’t know “sweetie”, “honey” or cutesy nicknames – it’s obnoxious and condescending. I don’t like men who harass women on the street, making comments about their bodies or telling them to smile. I don’t like men who control women in relationships, abuse them or hurt them sexually. I don’t like men who use the social and political power they have to further discrimination against women in a desperate bid to maintain their status.

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[#quickhits]Feminists aren't 'man-haters' – we just don't like men who are sexist