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Number of countries that signed the UK and UN’s Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict: 128

Countries that refused to sign the declaration at the UNGA on September 24: 80

Percentage of women estimated to have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence in 81 countries: 30

Percentage of women violated in the East Timorese and Rwandan conflicts who reported it to authorities or sought medical attention: 6 to 7

Babies one report estimates UN peacekeepers have fathered in Cambodia: 24,500

In Liberia: 6,600

Government estimate of number of women and girls raped in Bangladesh in 1971: 200,000

Number of months in which those rapes occurred: 9

Minimum number of separate days on which a lawyer for the accused in the Dehli gang rape blamed the victim: 2

In India, percentage of adolescent boys who think wife-beating is justified: 57

Percentage of men in parts of Asia who said they raped because of “sexual entitlement”: >70 [Rest.]