It's been a busy week at work and play. Here's the little of what I've been reading.

Those poor Swedish singles (dailylife). (Not sure about that title.)

- Not a word about military sexual violence in last night’s State of the Union (feministing)

- Rand Paul says there’s no War on Women because his niece is going to be a veterinarian (feministing). Ah, well then.

- It's not just Cameron who has a woman problem, it's the whole political system (theguardian)

- Why Page 3 is Porn and Why That’s Important by @HelenSaxby11 (aroomofourown)

- “That can’t be sexual assault because it’s normal” (iblamethepatriarchy)

- On 'toxic Twitter feminism' and being called out (thefword)

- The challenge of achieving a gender-balanced boardroom (theguardian)

- Celebrity abusers, rape culture and Jim Davidson (sianandcrookedrib)

- I Complained to Channel 5 About Celebrity Big Brother's Sexism, Here's What They Said (vagendamag)

- 7 Commenters You’ll Meet as an Online Feminist (everydayfeminism)

- Do men control the key student societies at university? (theguardian)

- The lack of British women in comedy: where is the UK's answer to Girls? (newstatesman)

- The politics of black hair (newstatesman)