Some of these are actually hilarious. Others are terrifying.

This year’s greatest misogynist hits from conservative media included gems like, ”You shut up. Know your role and shut your mouth,” the timeless assertion that feminism is “turning women into sexualized freaks,” and the classic claim that the victim was “manhandled” during “the so-called Steubenville Rape.” But there are so many more! Check them out after the jump.

In addition to the hits above, you’ll find doozies like:

  • An increase in female breadwinners is a “concerning and troubling statistic” by Lou Dobbs
  • Addressing sexual assault in the military “serves to objectify women, not as sexual objects but as weaklings who have no place in the military” by the Washington Times
  • Feminism “is based in what most people would classify as sexual perversion” by Rush Limbaugh
  • “the GOP… are such [insert euphemism of choice related to the female reproductive system]“ by Eric Erick Erickson

Check out the entire compilation at Media Matters.

From feministing.