Here’s a fantastic rebuttal to Graham Linehan’s tweets at the weekend. I have seldom been so disappointed with one individual as I was when I followed Linehan for about two weeks on twitter and realised what a gawdawful, anti-woman, anti-feminist, anti-any-sort-of-challenge man he is. He had me fooled for a while.

“I AM A SINGLE, ENGORGED HUMAN GOOSEBUMP!” I shouted at my pals, via Twitter, while curled up on the sofa watching Dolly Parton’s Glastonbury set. There didn’t seem to be anyone on the internet who wasn’t foaming at the mouth with excitement and joy. We watched, as one of the world’s most famous blondes strode up and down the stage, owning it; her set tighter and fuller than her seat – which was the greatest thing ever to be clad in white satin. It was clear that 68-year-old Dolly could beat Pippa Middleton in a bum-off any day of the week.

However, one person wasn’t quite as delighted by Dolly as the rest of us. Comedy writer Graham Linehan tweeted a link to a BBC news comment about her costumes, commenting; “Riiight. And how about the fact that she’s completely f****** up her face.” He then added; “Amazing how many supposed feminists are OK with women mutilating themselves in order to meet some f****** up standard of beauty.”

Linehan has missed the point. If there’s ever been a feminist argument for cosmetic surgery, it’s Dolly. She has built her body in the same way that she has built her career. By famously saying “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap,” she unequivocally owned her own aesthetic. After all, she paid for it. Whenever you see Dolly, she’s in the driving seat. Her millions of fans are empowered by her attitude and energy. Her ‘f****** up standard of beauty’ is the one she chose. I’d rather that than any standard of beauty Linehan sees fit to sanction.

On the Telegraph.

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