A few examples:

  1. Feminists hate men, and are out to turn the world against them.
  2. Feminists are hypocrites, because chivalry is a female privilege.
  3. The courts are biased against men and in favor of women in custody disputes.

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[…] As part of the controversial men’s rights movement (MRM), A Voice for Men (AVfM) questions the legitimacy of male privilege, asserting that we live in a female-dominated world and that men, in fact, are subject to widespread disadvantage and discrimination on the basis of their gender.

“The problem we see is a culture that still puts women first in so many ways, and men come in last,” AVfM founder Paul Elam told the Huffington Post.

Yes, this is a real thing. Although MRAs made headlines recently for their alleged connection to the Santa Barbara shooter (a connection many MRAs have tried to deny), this movement has been around, and infuriating feminists, for quite some time. MRAs are often dismissed as angry, sex-starved man-children, but the movement likens itself to a male response to feminism. And it seems to be becoming even more vocal in the wake of the feminist movement’s new wave of online solidarity.

Unfortunately, despite their activist moniker, MRAs do not generally use their networks to create meaningful change. Instead, they often parrot the same talking points on the bottom of articles about women’s issues to prove that men are, in actuality, the more oppressed gender. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes their rhetoric as “dedicated to savaging feminists in particular and women, very typically American women, in general.”

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