Someone says feminism is dead. Again.

This old chestnut. It hasn’t been right before and it’s not right now.


The Washington Times article draws on a poll by the Economist/YouGov because suddenly everyone is so concerned about the state of feminism today. Although the write-up is 10 months old, it’s worth commenting on because this sentiment of post-feminism is not really budging.

From the article:

“Overall, 28 percent consider themselves to be feminists, 72 percent do not,’ the findings report. Among women, 38 percent consider themselves feminists. And men do not appear to be very liberated these days either: 18 percent ‘accept the label’ for themselves, the poll reports"

Since when does identifying as a feminist make the movement alive or dead? Just because a person adopts the title of “feminist” does not mean they are leading a life charged with feminist ideals. Even if only 28% of American’s consider themselves to be feminists, how exactly does that mean feminism is dead? Last time I checked, social justice movements do not rely on majority support. In fact, social justice movements are born out of resistance to the majority. They are not fueled by half-hearted idealogical alignments, but by the dedicated support of intelligent, motivated activists who actually do the work. Label or no label, feminist-minded work has been happening all over the world, lead by women who may or may not adopt the label themselves. [Rest.]