I love the thought of a “feminist gang”. I want a special handshake (obv.) and for us all to wear a hat at a jaunty angle. That can be our Feminist Symbol. I’m very excited about this. I’m with Bates: “The hyperbolic backlash of recent times makes this witch feel as if we’re winning.” From the guardian:

Feminism is ruining everything. In the past few weeks alone it has single-handedly threatened to ruin a poor convicted rapist’s hopes of returning to role-model status and celebrity career, allegedly destroyed masculinity, and obnoxiously banged on about a lack of opportunities for women in the theatre, when in fact there is no real problem at all. Which is weird, because I thought the real problem lay with the person who decided to rape someone, the person who brutally beat his ex-partner and the enormous inequality women face in the theatre!

It has been suggested that footballer Ched Evans is the victim of a “feminist gang”, because some pesky women had the audacity to suggest that a man convicted of rape did not belong in the position of an adulated role model. Meanwhile mixed martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver (aka War Machine) attempted suicide while being held in jail, awaiting trial on charges brought after a violent attack on his ex-partner Christy Mack. According to TMZ, he allegedly left a suicide note telling her “I forgive you”, asking his brother to “keep alpha male shit alive” and protesting that “society has killed men”. And arts reviewer Rupert Christiansen has reacted to the Donmar Warehouse’s all-female production of Henry IV, writing that “we are in danger of making the question of gender much more problematic than it needs to be”, under the helpful headline: “There is no conspiracy against women in the theatre.”

The rest: guardian.

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2014 and the feminism backlash: it means we're winning