Sunday feminist roundup (22nd December 2013)

The feminists are taking over.

I’m looking forward to a long break over the festive. Hope you are too. x

The London clinic fighting back against female genital mutilation (newstatesman)

A year after the Delhi gang-rape, more must be done to stop abuse of women (commentisfree)

Rochdale child grooming report should be a wake-up call for police (commentisfree)

The Politics of Gender and the Policing of Sexuality in Turkey (criticallegalthinking)

– FWSA Blog » Prostitution, Pornography and the Illusion of ‘Choice’ (fwsablog)

Virginity Is A Social Construct (bellejar)

Stars in court: Some stellar reputations are shatterproof (independent) – on the slating that Nigella has received for a bit of coke and the apathy towards the horrific allegations made towards R Kelly.

Mi bombo es mío: feminism, culture and choice (glosswirch) – on abortion in Spain.

Domestic abuse: half a million victims ‘too terrified to come forward’ (theguardian)