I think it was tongue-in-cheque but using the term "girls" doesn't really help anyone (though that's probably down to the Independent editors rather than Davies). In any case, this piece is based on data, which makes it more viable than many others. As always, avoid the comments. From the independent:

When it comes to Hollywood films the old-adage that children should be seen and not heard actually appears to apply to women. Only 28 per cent of speaking characters in last year’s blockbusters were female.

Thelma & Louise star Geena Davis, who has founded her own media and gender think tank, predicts that, based on current ratios of male to female characters, it will take 700 years to reach a parity of gender roles and representation in Hollywood films.

She said that despite recent female-led films such as The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids, the industry has not changed “and it’s not going to”.

Speaking to US radio NPR she said: “Every time there’s a movie starring women, the media is very excited to say ‘well, this changes everything.’ That’s what happened with Thelma & Louise…and nothing changed.”

A study commissioned by The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that despite women making up half of cinema audiences, there was only one female role for every three male characters in family films and children’s programming.

It also found that only 3.4 per cent of business leaders and 4.5 per cent of high-level politicians seen on screen were women.

Davis said: “What we’re in effect doing is training children to see that women and girls are less important than men and boys. [Rest]