The stereotypes which seem to underlie this trend are horrendous.

From feministing:

A new study, including a jury and mock trial, shows that overweight women are more likely to be penalized in the court of law.

The researchers presented 471 participants with a description of a mock court case, dealing with alleged check fraud. They then showed the participant a supposed mug shot of one of four defendants — a lean male, a lean female, an obese male or an obese female. After viewing the image, the mock jurors were asked several questions about the defendant’s guilt, including whether the person intended to commit fraud and whether he or she was likely to be a repeat offender.

Male jurors found the obese female defendant to be significantly guiltier than the thin female defendant, while female jurors judged both women equally, regardless of weight. For all the jurors, a male defendant’s weight had no effect on how guilty he was perceived.

The fact that only female defendants were penalized for their weight is consistent with research over the past 20 years showing that women are more vulnerable to weight-based discrimination than men, the researchers report.

Natasha Schvey, lead author of the study, said the findings may be due to commonly held stereotypes that obese individuals are greedy, selfish or lacking in impulse control.

…stereotypes that have another layer added to them when women are the subjects. I write this post not even 3 hours after I was attacked based on my weight on a social media site (which became a brief game of Playing the Dozens. So, no harm, no foul). But so much of what people think about women is wrapped up in what we look like. Specifically, people are deciding whether or not we are worthy, or guilty, based on how much we conform to oppressive standards of beauty and femininity. In this case, we see that the implications are dangerous and unjust.

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