All in all, just about the only people who have nothing to gain from disproportionate anxiety are those who experience it.

From commentisfree:

The esteemed community of Comment is free is not unique. Two thirds of respondents to the British Crime Survey (now the Crime Survey for England and Wales, or CSEW) consistently say that they believe crime has increased a little or a lot over the past decade.

Today, a respected international research body, the Institute for Economics and Peace, has published its latest report on violence and crime in this country, the UK Peace Index, which should be enough to dispel most lingering doubts. It cross-references police-reported crime statistics with CSEW data and also with illuminating proxy measures such as hospital admissions for violent incidents.

It finds that in the past five years total homicides have fallen by 28%, all violent crime by 21%, weapons crime by 34% and public disorder offences by 29%. This continues the trend that began in the mid to late 90s – since when homicide rates have more than halved. It also breaks the figures down into local authority boundaries. Violence and criminality remain vastly more common in the most deprived inner city areas, but even in the most dangerous areas of London or Glasgow, the trend is down, not up. Britain remains among the more violent countries in western Europe, but the statistical decline is more rapid here than anywhere else. In 2012, the Global Peace Index ranked the UK 29th out of 158 countries. In 2007 we came 48th. [Rest.]