Second comment: well, there is the Queen you know (I paraphrase). That one hasn't been wrung to death at all. On the telegraph:


From ancient treasure chests filled with battered gold coins, to modern-day crisp Euro notes, the world’s fiscal history has been pieced together in a series of glass boxes.

The rationale for the exhibition is summed up by one simple line: “Looking at the history of money gives us a way to understand the history of the world.”

Well this got me thinking about how the UK’s current crop of banknotes will be viewed in years to come? What message do they send about our country? And more importantly when the social reformer Elizabeth Fry comes off our fivers in 2016, to make room for Sir Winston Churchill, what will the historians make of England at the start of the 21st century? They would be totally forgiven for believing that apart from Her Majesty, who has inherited her position of power, thus her guaranteed place on our money, no other great women were great enough to remember on our legal tender come 2016. [Rest.]