Far from the first time I’ve heard this. Feminism is as unpopular in the boardroom as it is elsewhere. Presumably it’s to do with the status quo that many would prefer unchallenged. On theguardian:

It was day one. I’d recruited a small team of women to help me launch my business and during our first lunchtime chat we discovered that we were all proud feminists. So that afternoon I decided on the perfect welcome gift – a gold name necklace with ‘feminist’ on it.

We wear our necklaces every day and we love the conversations they start with curious commuters, people in the pub and strangers in the street. It’s reassuring to know that most people you meet – when you get down to basics – share the simple belief that men and women are equal and should be treated as such.

So what has come as a shock is just how much fear my feminist necklace has stirred up in the boardroom.

We’re a startup working out of a small studio. But I’ve had business acquaintances, PR people and even one of our own investors warn me that “being openly feminist” could be “damaging” to our brand and business.

A bit like I’m admitting I’m a cannibal.

So what’s so scary? Surely being a female business leader and a feminist go hand in hand? What’s so wrong with using the f-word?

A lot, apparently. [Rest]