On lipmag:

Back in May, Twitter was host to a disagreement regarding, in its essence, a contention of what is the Right Kind of Feminism. We had Helen Razer making sarcastic comments about feminism ‘sweating the small stuff’ and the engagement in ‘clicktivism’ – in dealing with things such as ‘rainbow crossing[s], pink ribbons and [acting as] temporary inconveniences to right-wing radio hosts’, Razer, who has argued against the concept of a ‘rape culture’, saw this as a distraction from ‘feminism’s real work’. She used the Destroy the Joint movement to exemplify this trend of ‘Angrily Calling Out Sexism Wherever You See It’ and online rage as a bad thing for feminism. Razer has in most part been refuted by Clementine Ford, who while acknowledging some of the minor pitfalls of the Destroy the Joint movement, also pointed out that DTJ deserves more than to be dismissed as ‘a flock of squawking birds’, all too focused on online outrage and not at all concerned with ‘the more lasting consequences of violence and discrimination in women’s lives.’

It is hard to articulate both sides of the story in such a short space; both women are wonderful writers who made nuanced and valid arguments in their favour, and it is certainly worthwhile to read Razer’s original piece and Ford’s rebuttal (linked above). But I tend to find myself siding with Ford with regard to this discussion, which I feel is very much based on my personal experiences with feminism. [Rest.]