Here’s a piece about male feminists. Male feminists are not something I have a particular opinion about, provided that they are true allies to the movemement, but several of the comments on the linked piece make a crucial point. It has often been my experience too that, when a male feminist is challenged on his views about women, gender equality, and feminism, he becomes defensive and ultilises all his male privledge to tell me how feminism should be done, and what sort of feminist I should be. It’s frequently a knee-jerk reaction, of course, but it’s still unacceptable. (It’s conventionally called mansplaining, by the way.)

This is a guest post by Jacob Engelberg. Jacob is a student from London. He is currently studying English Literature and Film at the University of Sussex. He tweets here.

Half a century ago, the idea of a male feminist would have been seen as laughable. The conflation of the words ‘male’ and 'feminist’ was an oxymoron, why would a man concern himself with feminism? Isn’t it a women’s struggle? Today however, growing numbers of men are taking on the appellation and I am one of them. Whilst male feminists cannot share female experience, we can join women in the fight for justice and women’s liberation, as in fact every well-informed person should. I hope that the presence of male feminists will soon be as unsurprising as the white person fighting racism or the heterosexual opposing homophobia.

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