I suspect the party leadership has a plan to gain the Presidency that Ms. Hoover is unaware of: Abandon the hope of defeating a charismatic President in the popular vote but win the Electoral College. To do this, the GOP needs to carry the historically red southern, central, and northern plains states and pick up the electoral votes of several swing states such as Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Iowa.

The GOP’s anti-women stance plays well to key constituencies in these states: Christian Fundamentalists and devout Catholics. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently released survey results that indicate 26.3% of Americans are members of Evangelical Protestant churches and 23.9% are Catholics.

Many Christian Fundamentalists, like other religious fundamentalists such as Islamists, oppose women’s agency. Katha Pollitt notes, “a common thread of misogyny connects” Christian Evangelicals and the Taliban, or, as Dr. Peggy Drexler puts it, “female repression is alive and well [in the West] in the precincts of the religious right.”

Some might argue that Catholicism is a Christian Fundamentalist religion. But, even without making that leap, it is clear that the male-led church’s position on reproductive rights, divorce, and ordination oppress women. Presumed Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, a Catholic, hews to the Vatican’s line on abortion and opposes Obamacare’s contraception mandate as violating freedom of religion.

Will the beliefs of Christian Fundamentalists and Catholics affect their votes? The recent Pew survey questioned the role that religious belief played in respondents’ lives. Fifty-six percent said it was very important. However, this percentage jumped as high as 81% in several red states.

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