Brendan O'Neill saying something offensive about women and women’s issues isn’t surprising nowadays. I think it’s how he gets his jollies. But, BoJo-esque calamaity-making or not, his comments are still incorrect, ill-informed, and very offensive.

Trigger warning: contains discussion of rape and rape apologism.

Disclaimer: because O'Neill, and all the discussions of rape this last few weeks, talk about men as perpetrators and women as rape victims and survivors, I am doing the same. It’s not to deny the experiences of men survivors.

So, today Brendan O'Neill joined the legions of commentators who have taken it upon themselves to tell women, survivors and experts that everything they know about rape is wrong, and that the commentator is right, simply, it increasingly seems, because they are men and men know best.

His piece in the Huffington Post does something a little different to his colleagues such as Galloway. Like him, he’s a man who is ignoring everything we know about rape and consent in order to re-define it. But, unlike him, he claims that it is feminists who re-defined rape first - by stretching the definition to encompass behaviour that he doesn’t call rape, but instead calls ‘bad sexual experiences’.

O'Neill believes that the phrase 'sex without consent is rape’ is undermining the serious crime of rape. He’s getting this from the part of the Sexual Offences Act that states rape occurs when the perpetrator “does not reasonably believe” that consent existed.

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