This quote seems particularly relevant at the moment with Todd Akin’s statements about “legitimate rape”, and Assange’s rape apologists (e.g. George Galloway) claiming that Assange’s actions probably weren’t really, you know, that sort rape.

Society has allowed rapists to define what resistance is: screaming, crying, scratching, pushing, kicking, biting, punching. I didn’t resist like that. My resistance was to wriggle a bit, turn my head away when he tried to kiss me, try to stop his hand going into my bra and knickers, push him ineffectually, talk about wanting to get my cab; all things which normal men recognise as not being enthusiastic participation when they are engaging with women but pretend it’s a grey area when they talk about rape. Rapists have managed to get society to believe, that what I did, was consent. Because I didn’t resist in the way rapists - and society - say that women should resist, they define our non-participation as consent.

A section of the article “How I became a rape victim” via sociolab.